• Document Scanning - Convert Paper documents into digital documents.
  • Data Processing - Convert unprocessed data to utilizable information or data.
  • Database Management - Manage & Maintain Client's Database.
  • List Hygiene - Merge/ Purge & de-duplication.
  • Variable Data Printing - Printing of Personalised Letters/ Monthly Bills/ Reminders & Notices/ Self Adhesive Address Labels.
  • Email & SMS Broadcasting.
  • Tele-calling - Inbound & Outbound calls for Data Verification, Data Generation & Feedback from Customers.
  • Response Management & Fulfilment of SMS/ Email/ direct Mail Campaigns.
  • Bulk Mailing - Affixing of Address Labels, Folding of Letters, Insertion of Letters, Sealing of Envelopes, Postal Franking, Sorting & Delivery to Post Office.


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